Audio Broadcasts:

  • Kneeling in Church

    Bishop Varlaam reads from the commentary of Antony of Kiev concerning the practice of kneeling in Churches.

  • Celebrating the Orthodox Christmas

    Radio Canada International: Marc Montgomery talks to Archbishop Lazar Puhalo of the Monastery of All Saints of North America in Dewdney, British Columbia about the traditions of Orthodox Christmas in Canada which began this week.

  • Worldview: Christmas and the loss of meaning

    National Public Radio Interview with Archbishop Lazar, about Christmas and the loss of meaning, with the secularisation of the holiday.

  • The Reasonableness Of Faith

    Quantum physics and Orthodoxy both require faith in the evidence of things not seen. The faith of Orthodox Christianity is as reasonable as the faith of Quantum Physics and the development of science beyond quantum mechanics.

  • The Church as Spiritual Hospital

    A presentation given by Archbishop Lazar at an international conference on medicine and faith.

  • Pro Life or Fixation? Pro-Life Movement Needs New Perspective

    We need to expand the anti-abortion movement to encompass the protection of ALL children everywhere in order to make it genuinely "Pro-Life," and not simply anti-abortion. New strategies are needed in the struggle to convince women to avoid abortions.

  • Sexual Differentiation. Was the Olympic Action Just?

    The incident with distance runner Caster Semenya, who is both male and female causes viewers to ask Vladiko Lazar to explain how this is possible, and how some people are born transgendered.

  • Elevation of the Cross

    On compassion and unselfish love.

  • Asceticm of the Eye

    Ascetocism of the eye.

  • Comment on Genetics

    In response to several questions and discussions about genetics, Vladiko Lazar shares some insights.

  • Forest Fires and Orthodoxy
  • On Deep Structural Fear

    As a social, cultural and religio-political phenomenon. This broadcast is complimentary to our video series on the same subject.

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